Friday, February 7, 2014


That's the headline in the paper today. no joke.
I enjoyed a delicious Chinese dinner with my family on Christmas Eve. When I opened my fortune cookie, I found………THIS:

While I am not supersticious, I do believe the universe aligns itself in strange and exciting ways sometimes. This is the first fortune that has offered anything more than a vague personality assessment or some lotto numbers. This one is really for ME, and is relevant, and --lets be honest-- kick ass.

I just so happen to be TRAVELLING EAST.
I’m heading to Jacksonville, Florida for a 2-week residency at the amazing CoRK Arts District. I have mailed 2 boxes of art, 2 boxes of house paint, and 2 boxes of supplies…which should be enough to make something pretty killer with all that unadulterated art-making time.

Halfway through my stay I will be joined by my incredibly talented boyfriend Aaron Brown. We are planning a large collaborative painting/installation.

Our show, INTERLOPERS, opens Friday, February 21 from 6-10 at CoRK Arts District.
2689 Rosselle Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204

While I am there I plan to see some swamps, the oldest city in the United States, my adorable cousin, and meet a ton of amazing artists. Any suggestions on things to see or do are EXTREMELY welcome! If you’re in the area, please come out and say hi!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Closing Reception for NEWTON'S THIRD

Newton's Third was a great show.
If you don't believe me, click HERE for a lovely article by Aimee Murillo in OC Weekly (thanks Aimee!)

(a few of us...from left: Steven Pillai, Nicole Goux, Aaron Brown, meeee, Micah Kersh, and Steven Hawking's THE UNIVERSE projected on us. photo by Julius Tanag!)

In fact, it's so great, we're having a closing reception this Friday, October 25 from 7-10.
Here is a link to the event page:

Thanks to everyone for sharing their incredible work, and thanks to everyone for coming out!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Every action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction

Newton’s Third Law echoes through my head every single day. Nothing exists in a vacuum and everything we do has a consequence or side effect. (As Hans Dose pointed out the other day—a hangover is a perfect example.) While it’s easy to see this theory as good connecting to bad, I like to emphasize the flip side to that exchange: bad things can have unexpected positive effects.

I have been creating work based on my own beliefs and misunderstandings of physics and astro physics, trying to visualize the ways science shapes my personal theology. When given the opportunity to show at F Plus Gallery, I decided to share this exercise with some artists I'm particularly keen on. It’s a lot like having my favorite band cover the song that’s been stuck in my head for months.

NEWTON’S THIRD features work in a variety of media from over 30 artists. It is the first show I have curated outside of work since Girls!Girls!Girls! at Phone Booth Gallery. Against my instincts, I will refrain from expounding on the love I have for each of these artists and their limitless talents and just say— it's all killer and no filler with this crowd. Lots of those names are links, so please click!
In case you even thought about doing anything else on the 12th, check out the list:

Aaron Brown
Alex Gardner
Autumn Buck
Camilla Taylor
Catherine Yi
Chantal deFelice
Corrie Walton
CR Stecyk !!!
Crystal Floyd
Diana Danielis
Fred Rose
Hans Dose
Javier Beltran
Jenn Reifsneider
Julius Tanag
McLean Fahnestock
Megan LeMaster
Micah Kersh
Nancy Chiu
Nicole Goux
Nicole Sloan
Patrick “Duffy” DeArmas
Patti McCandless
Paul Alvarez III
Paul Aguilera
Sara M Lyons
Steve Pillai
Susanne Melanie Berry
Trace Mendoza
Ya’el Pedroza
Yevgeniya Mikhailik

NEWTON'S THIRD opens Saturday, October 12 from 7-10 pm
F+ Gallery
661 Poinsettia St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Skate Deck and a love for the LBC

Hey!  It's been a minute.  Here's a quick review of what'sagoinon:
The magnificient Mickey Kyle is revamping my website.  Soon I will be so professional.  You won't even recognize me.
My coffin for Boxes of Death sold to a good home.
Bad Cop/Bad Cop is in the studio again, recording some new jams.
I have work in 2 fun events this Saturday:

First - Plywood for Peace: A Benefit for Bridge To Skate
This is a silent auction, raising money to buy skateboards for disadvantaged kids.  A ton of fun paintings on recycled skate decks will be available.  Mine is titled "Pigboy" and may or may not be based on real persons.
Plywood for Peace opens at 7:00 pm at the ARTery
inside The LAB, 2930 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 

Next, Phone Booth Gallery is hosting LOCALS ONLY: Long Beach themed art from Long Beach based Artists.  The flagship image for this show is from the amazing Ryan Milner, and I believe a limited run of prints will be for sale at the opening.  I am buying at least 2.  So wait for me.
LOCALS ONLY promises to be a comprehensive exhibition of Long Beach pop illustrators, and a hell of a party.  So don't miss it!  I'm exhibiting a piece from my "permanent collection" (read: hangs in my home because I am a narcissist).  Not saying exactly which piece, but it does feature my favorite Long Beach resident of all time.  

Locals Only opening reception is from 7-10 PM
Phone Booth Gallery, 2533 East Broadway, Long Beach, CA 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chroma GoGo: a tribute to Lisa Frank

Oh. Heeeey.
This Saturday at the Hive Gallery, I am a “featured artist” in Chroma GoGo, the Splendor Device tribute to Lisa Frank. Honestly, I can’t think of a more capable group of artists to tackle this heavy issue.
As a girl, I knew Lisa Frank was talking directly to me. It’s great to feel acknowledged as a very young person. I also appreciate that Lisa Frank is one of few brands focusing more on what appeals to girls, rather than trying to shape them.

I've always preferred art and over-shooting school projects with my engineer Dad to horses, dolls or paperback series. Even as an adult, it has not been easy finding common ground for my love of both glitter and power tools.
In addition to installing some of my more typical pieces, I have created a body of work meant to playfully challenge gender divisions set forth in children’s toys.
"Lollisaw" 16"x10"x2" acrylic and glitter on mixed media

"25' Pug Tape" 6.5"x6.5"x2.5" acrylic, glitter, mixed media on 25' tape measure

"Unisaw" 21"x11"x3" acrylic, glitter and mixed media on hand saw

"Tiger Beat" various sizes on 36"x36"x12" riser acrylic and glitter on mini drum kit

On a side note, it has been really cute to see all my male Lisa-Frank-loving artist friends coming out of the woodwork.

Chroma GoGo opens at 8:00 pm Saturday, August 3 at The Hive Gallery

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boxes of Death approaches...

Welp. I am officially totally excited. Been checking out the images of what the other artists are submitting to Boxes of Death Four, and they are super cool. AR4T sent out these photos, from left to right: Scott Hove, Nick Simich, and Corey Smith.

For purchase, please visit
BOD4 will be travelling to four different locations throughout the summer.
So that's FOUR potential parties you should put on your calendar.
If you are in the area(any of them) be BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT! There are over 50 incredible artists involved, it is guaranteed to be a great night. Here's the schedule again:

SEATTLE - June 15 - the Piranha Shop
PORTLAND - July 13 - NEMO Design
SAN FRANCISCO - August 9 - Gauntlet Gallery
LAGUNA BEACH - August 17 - Artists Republic For Tomorrow (AR4T)

My piece is titled "We are All the Stuff of Stars," it is made of wood, gold leaf, metal, urethane foam, paper, charcoal, magic sculpt, and a light fixture. The finished size is 27"x17"x5". And here are one million photos. The last 3 are with the light off to better show the drawing.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Boxes of Deathhhhhhhh!

Ohai.  It’s been a while.  Busy year! 
I’ve been graciously invited to participate in a traveling art show called Boxes of Death

This is the 4th year for BOD and there are 60 artists participating.  Duffy of ElectricCoffin (go check that out right now) built a bunch of 2’ tall coffins and distributed them to the artists. 

The show will open in Seattle at The Piranha Shop on June 15th, before hitting Portland at NEMO Design on July 13th, San Francisco’s Gauntlet Gallery on August 9th and finally, Laguna Beach’s AR4T on August 17th
If any of that is local for you, please go check it out.  There are some super cool artists in this show and I’m honored to participate.
Here’s some of the mess-in-progress:
Those things on the right are on their way to becoming tiny planets.  (Heads up: my Carl Sagan kick is far from over.)  I'm not finished yet, but here's another...