Monday, May 20, 2013

Boxes of Deathhhhhhhh!

Ohai.  It’s been a while.  Busy year! 
I’ve been graciously invited to participate in a traveling art show called Boxes of Death

This is the 4th year for BOD and there are 60 artists participating.  Duffy of ElectricCoffin (go check that out right now) built a bunch of 2’ tall coffins and distributed them to the artists. 

The show will open in Seattle at The Piranha Shop on June 15th, before hitting Portland at NEMO Design on July 13th, San Francisco’s Gauntlet Gallery on August 9th and finally, Laguna Beach’s AR4T on August 17th
If any of that is local for you, please go check it out.  There are some super cool artists in this show and I’m honored to participate.
Here’s some of the mess-in-progress:
Those things on the right are on their way to becoming tiny planets.  (Heads up: my Carl Sagan kick is far from over.)  I'm not finished yet, but here's another...