Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boxes of Death approaches...

Welp. I am officially totally excited. Been checking out the images of what the other artists are submitting to Boxes of Death Four, and they are super cool. AR4T sent out these photos, from left to right: Scott Hove, Nick Simich, and Corey Smith.

For purchase, please visit boxesofdeath.com
BOD4 will be travelling to four different locations throughout the summer.
So that's FOUR potential parties you should put on your calendar.
If you are in the area(any of them) be BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT! There are over 50 incredible artists involved, it is guaranteed to be a great night. Here's the schedule again:

SEATTLE - June 15 - the Piranha Shop
PORTLAND - July 13 - NEMO Design
SAN FRANCISCO - August 9 - Gauntlet Gallery
LAGUNA BEACH - August 17 - Artists Republic For Tomorrow (AR4T)

My piece is titled "We are All the Stuff of Stars," it is made of wood, gold leaf, metal, urethane foam, paper, charcoal, magic sculpt, and a light fixture. The finished size is 27"x17"x5". And here are one million photos. The last 3 are with the light off to better show the drawing.

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