Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Double Whammy at AR4T this Saturday!

Just for you, this Saturday I will be using all of my creative talents in one convenient location:
AR4T, for the opening reception of Splendor Device’s newest group exhibition THIS WILDE ABYSS.

Check out this fantastic flyer with art by Jennifer James. Splendor Device is an all-female art collective headed by Kelly Castillo. THIS WILDE ABYSS will feature work from some of my personal favorites: Sara Haase, Jel Ena, Allison Peairs, Elizabeth Caffey, Kristi Bockrath, Amy Kaplan….I could go on, read the flyer. All of those ladies are dripping with talent. It’s gonna be good, you guys.

The fabulous musician/artist Sara M Lyons and I are performing at the opening reception as Library Sciences. This will be the first-ever live Library Sciences show and we’ll be practicing all week. Our illustrated audio zines will be for sale at the reception as well. (In case you love it.)

I’ve got a NEW piece in the show that is borne of my watching and rewatching Carl Sagan’s COSMOS over the past several weeks.
It’s called Cosmology, and it is inspired by the existence of parallel universes.
Charcoal and acrylic on wood with glitter and light fixture. Yes I said glitter. It is all over my house forever. Sometimes you make sacrifices for art.

I posted one photo of this and have had a rash of people freaking out about this representing duplicity or mutation. I would first like to say: RELAX. It's okay if art makes you uncomfortable, but I also don't think this deserves to be labeled "disturbing." The figure is meant to be reflected as well as connected--referencing the possibility of another us in another universe, amidst infinite other universes and possibilities. At the center, I tried to visualize the creation of worlds, with a swirling movement to echo the shape of many galaxies. The figure is reflected again in a pool of stars, to imply again that these universes are infinite.

Boom. Artist statement.

This Wilde Abyss opens Saturday, March 2, 2013 from 6-9pm
Artists Republic For Tomorrow (AR4T)
210 N. Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

LA Zine Fest and a Bunch of Crap

Thank you, LA Zine Fest for showing us a kick ass time, again. I hope everybody who came out had as much fun as we did. Library Sciences made some dough and had some laughs and enjoyed our corner filled with very good friends like Corrie Walton and Diana Danielis, David Chien and Yumi Sakugawa; The boys of Cheese Eggs & Potatoes: Steven Pillai, Chris Lim, and Spenser Garden, Kelsey Short and Harry Diaz.

My fellow scientist, Sara M Lyons, cleaned UP with her original art. Go check her out and spend some money here.

Last week JOSHR and I finished our fifth mural of 2013, over in Hurley’s Retail offices. This is a record. At least for us. We’re on fire. And we’re gonna mural all over you, so stay out of our way.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I feel like the Powerpuff Girls

(When I look at that first picture.)

There's a little sidebar in the February issue of Rivera Magazine... Go getcherself a copy:
Incredible superwoman Chantal deFelice talks with Kelsi Maree about the Orange County art scene.(and looks like a model in the photo, PS). In discussing our emerging art community, Chantal lists 3 fellow artists whose work she admires….and it’s me and my pretty BFFs Yevgeniya Mikhailik and Nancy Chiu!!! I’m dying. It’s so cool. I love these ladies so much. (Nancy just opened up an awesome Etsy shop, go here to check it out!)

Ohhhh Chantal. You are such a bad ass. Malcolm Gladwell pointed out that something like 5% of people are responsible for 100% of the action, and I couldn’t agree more. If you ask me who's pulling a lot of the weight in the Orange County art community, I would list Chantal, Torrey Cook of AR4T and OCAR, Kelly Castillo from Rothick Art Haus and Dr. Sketchy’s OC, Amy Kaplan from F+, and Yevgeniya’s work with Grand Central Art Center. Meet these women. Check out their work. Give them a high five and thank them for making things happen.

At work, for my real job…at Hurley, JOSHR and I finished our FOURTH mural of 2013 (this one is ours, the other 3 were Daleks) for our friends in the Finance Department. Here it is. Thanks to Derek Bahn for the photo!