Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Follow ups and News in General

Hey! Here's a bit of everything to keep you (the internet) in the loop. Heads up: this post is reeeeeal go ahead and click on things. I'm sending you all over the place. JOSHR and I finished our mural down at Wahoo's in Laguna Beach. We had a blast working on it and have loosely discussed inviting everybody down to drink a beer in front of it. We'll put a pin in that for now... Enjoy this ridiculous video the amazing YB made of the whole thing.
View this video at This weekend, the fabulous lady-art-group I belong to: Splendor Device, is having another lady-show down at the young and good looking F+ gallery in Santa Ana. (F+ is run by two incredible artist/humans Micah Kersh and Amy Kaplan. Check out what they're doing.)
Finishing School Flunkies opens Saturday, November 3 from 7-10 PM 661 Poinsettia St. Santa Ana, CA 92701
As advised by the wise and hilarious Ryan Calimlim and Shaun Redsar, I've made a Facebook page for my art. You are encouraged to go "like" it. It will serve as a strictly professional page (as professional as I get...) unadulterated by emotional outbursts and drunken weekend recaps.
Lastly, this little dude I made is on ebay right now. RIGHT NOW. RIGHT. right. now. While that's not my ideal venue for selling work, it's a chance for you to get something I worked really hard on for pret-teee cheap.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wahoo's Fish Mural on PCH!

It's safe to say that I have the best job in the universe (for me). Yesterday, I wrapped up a few days of painting with my good friend, artist, coworker, all-around weird and talented human, Josh Grelock. Find more of his art under JOSHR. We painted "Hurley Clam Jam" on the outside patio of the Wahoo's Fish Taco on PCH in Laguna Beach. It was super fun and we did whatever we wanted. If you're in the neighborhood, pick up a taco and feast your eyes on our collaboration. Stay tuned for a photo without a giant disruptive shadow...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Library Sciences at APE this weekend!

We are wrapping up the 2nd issue of Library Sciences for APE this weekend in San Francisco! Library Sciences is a collaborative, hand-made, lo-fi, audio zine created by me and my best friend Miss Sara M. Lyons. Go check her out. She's amazing. Each issue of Library Sciences comes with a cd of 6 original songs (3 from me, 3 from Sara with some overlap) and an accompanying illustrated booklet on a theme. We sold out of Issue One at LA Zine Fest in February, so we've made a bunch of those and debuting Issue Two. Here's what it looks like when we record:
Sara's set up is on the left, mine on the right. This issue's theme is (loosely) self-actualization. But there is still a song about a dream dog, so don't take it too seriously. If you're in the bay area this weekend, stop by and say hi! We're tabling with the incredible and long-legged Kelsey Short! (that's a link too, so click it!) While you're clicking, here's our reverb nation. Take a listen.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monstoberfest at Rothick Art Haus

This Saturday is the 3rd annual Monsteberfest at Rothick Art Haus. I made a stuffed friend for the show, and a huge mess in my house. see below.
Unfortunately, I will not be in town for the opening, but anybody who is within driving distance to Anaheim this Saturday should do themselves a favor and check it out. Irene Mendonis, adorable spritely fabricator extraordinaire, has curated a killer show for you. While dropping off my little dude at the gallery, I got to see a ton of really cool work from the other artists. A fair amount of what I saw was painting, but I did lay eyes on a particularly bitchin' papier mache sculpture of a 2-headed girl. Gonna have to check and see who made it. Here's my dude:
She/he/it is made of various plush, with a string of innards you can pull out of the chest cavity including lungs, a heart, a liver, large and small intestine. The empty cavity is lined with pink ostrich-skin plush. The cheeks are felted fleece, claws, ribs and teeth are vinyl, and eyes are flocked buttons. This dude is about 40" tall and 28" wide. Pretty silly. Monstoberfest opens Saturday, October 13 at 7 pm. Rothick Art Haus is located at 170 S. Harbor Blvd, Anaheim CA 92805

Friday, October 5, 2012

Backward and Forward

Creepy Cruisers was a TON of fun last night.  Thanks, everyone, for coming out.  Thanks, artists, for making such fun pieces.  Be sure to stop by and check out the show if you're ever in Laguna Beach this month.  The coolest candy store ever is just next door if you need another reason to get over there.  Matthew Hodges, of the dudely artist collective 29 made this little video (with and exceptional soundtrack, I might add) of the evening:

Well done, sir. 
This Saturday I've got some work in a show called INTER-VIEWS, curated by Daniel Rolnik, at CURIO in Venice beach.  Here is a link to the sales site for the event:
The event is October 6th, from 7-11 pm.  Curio is located at 324 Sunset Ave, Venice CA 90291.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Creepy Cruisers this Thursday

It's happening!  This Thursday, 6-9 pm at 225 Forest Ave in Laguna Beach.  Come down.  Carpool (parking sucks).  Eat snacks.  Have a blast.  There's a super cool band called the Vooduo playing a couple of sets and over 75 original works of spooky art on skate decks.  I'm sharing mine now as I will be too busy hanging/prepping the show to share later.
See you Thursday!