Tuesday, February 19, 2013

LA Zine Fest and a Bunch of Crap

Thank you, LA Zine Fest for showing us a kick ass time, again. I hope everybody who came out had as much fun as we did. Library Sciences made some dough and had some laughs and enjoyed our corner filled with very good friends like Corrie Walton and Diana Danielis, David Chien and Yumi Sakugawa; The boys of Cheese Eggs & Potatoes: Steven Pillai, Chris Lim, and Spenser Garden, Kelsey Short and Harry Diaz.

My fellow scientist, Sara M Lyons, cleaned UP with her original art. Go check her out and spend some money here.

Last week JOSHR and I finished our fifth mural of 2013, over in Hurley’s Retail offices. This is a record. At least for us. We’re on fire. And we’re gonna mural all over you, so stay out of our way.

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