Friday, February 1, 2013

I feel like the Powerpuff Girls

(When I look at that first picture.)

There's a little sidebar in the February issue of Rivera Magazine... Go getcherself a copy:
Incredible superwoman Chantal deFelice talks with Kelsi Maree about the Orange County art scene.(and looks like a model in the photo, PS). In discussing our emerging art community, Chantal lists 3 fellow artists whose work she admires….and it’s me and my pretty BFFs Yevgeniya Mikhailik and Nancy Chiu!!! I’m dying. It’s so cool. I love these ladies so much. (Nancy just opened up an awesome Etsy shop, go here to check it out!)

Ohhhh Chantal. You are such a bad ass. Malcolm Gladwell pointed out that something like 5% of people are responsible for 100% of the action, and I couldn’t agree more. If you ask me who's pulling a lot of the weight in the Orange County art community, I would list Chantal, Torrey Cook of AR4T and OCAR, Kelly Castillo from Rothick Art Haus and Dr. Sketchy’s OC, Amy Kaplan from F+, and Yevgeniya’s work with Grand Central Art Center. Meet these women. Check out their work. Give them a high five and thank them for making things happen.

At work, for my real job…at Hurley, JOSHR and I finished our FOURTH mural of 2013 (this one is ours, the other 3 were Daleks) for our friends in the Finance Department. Here it is. Thanks to Derek Bahn for the photo!

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