Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Follow ups and News in General

Hey! Here's a bit of everything to keep you (the internet) in the loop. Heads up: this post is reeeeeal go ahead and click on things. I'm sending you all over the place. JOSHR and I finished our mural down at Wahoo's in Laguna Beach. We had a blast working on it and have loosely discussed inviting everybody down to drink a beer in front of it. We'll put a pin in that for now... Enjoy this ridiculous video the amazing YB made of the whole thing.
View this video at This weekend, the fabulous lady-art-group I belong to: Splendor Device, is having another lady-show down at the young and good looking F+ gallery in Santa Ana. (F+ is run by two incredible artist/humans Micah Kersh and Amy Kaplan. Check out what they're doing.)
Finishing School Flunkies opens Saturday, November 3 from 7-10 PM 661 Poinsettia St. Santa Ana, CA 92701
As advised by the wise and hilarious Ryan Calimlim and Shaun Redsar, I've made a Facebook page for my art. You are encouraged to go "like" it. It will serve as a strictly professional page (as professional as I get...) unadulterated by emotional outbursts and drunken weekend recaps.
Lastly, this little dude I made is on ebay right now. RIGHT NOW. RIGHT. right. now. While that's not my ideal venue for selling work, it's a chance for you to get something I worked really hard on for pret-teee cheap.

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