Monday, September 17, 2012

Monstoberfest 3!

Sometimes I make stuffed animals. This has been going on for about 10 years now, and while I enjoy it very much I've never put any of them up for sale. (monsters are personal, you know?) I WILL, however, be slangin' some fluffy friends for the 3rd annual MONSTOBERFEST at Rothick Art Haus opening October 13. There are a lot of fun artists in this show, so if monsters are you're thing, throw it on your calendar!
Here are a few of my earlier monster friends, and maybe a clue of what you should expect for this show. ....athough. I do have a very fat-American habit of always making the next thing bigger and crazier than what came before. Consider yourself warned. This horrible web-cammy photo is a 2 sided monster/guardian created for my amazing brother to ward off assholes at work. The nice side is Suzanne, who is supportive and reassuring. The mean side is Kevin, who will tear jerks asunder.
Below is Mister Nancy, husband of the tremendously talented Nancy Chiu. They are now divorced as she is married to the also tremendously talented Ben Ferrell. It was good while it lasted. Mister Nancy is pretty huge in real life and he used to have a glitter naugahyde popsicle, but these things tend to wander off. I don't know who put that stupid bow tie on him, but it wasn't me.
I'll post some photos as the monsters develop. Gotta dig around for some plush....

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