Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creepy Cruisers, comes closer. c...c......c....

Hey! So the boards are rolling in for this show at 225 Forest in Laguna and I'm too excited not to share some of them.
Left to right: Anthony Azour's "Misunderstood" - acrylic. Chris Lim's "They're Among Us" - mixed media, Monster Kat's (I truly, truly, truly LOVE this woman. Give her all of your money and hugs. You will not regret it.) "It's Tar Time For Mister Tomistoma" - clay, acrylic and resin, DALEK's "Untitled" - tape and paint pen. that one especially cracks me up because DALEK is probably the #1 user of 3M blue tape. The man deserves full sponsorship.
This one is mine. I'm holding out to show you the finished piece in hopes of enticing you to come out for the opening. (Why by the cow, right?) It's acrylic on wood. duh. Titled "Best Hair Class of '62: Charlette Di Pino". CREEPY CRUISERS opens October 4th from 6-9 PM at 225 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach.

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