Thursday, November 8, 2012

Live Paint! Murals! Art Shows!

Hey friends! Got some good news and fun stuff coming up. If you’re in Long Beach this weekend, stop by Phone Booth Gallery on Saturday from 5-10 for the opening reception of Dave Rankin’s “Sea, Snakes, and Spikes.” PBG is hosting a Live Painting & Art Raffle at the same time. A $5 ticket could win you a fresh, original painting from one of 7 local artists (one of them: meeeee). I got to see some of Dave’s pieces while picking up my panel for the live paint. He’s a little tricky to find on the internets, and his work is really stunning. So come see ‘em! (below: Dave Rankin's "Eel Charmer")
On Monday I’ll be starting another Wahoo’s mural with two rad dudes: JOSHR and Trace Mendoza. I’m super excited to paint with these guys. We’re repainting the Wahoo’s on Bristol in Costa Mesa, and the wall is….huge. It’s gonna be a ton of fun. Expect to see some process shots of that next week! We're rolling over a Jason Maloney/Bigfoot/Bwana Spoons mural (pictured below) we'd better make it awesome.
On November 17th I’ve got some NEW work in a great show down at AR4T. Chantal de Felice, lovely talented artist/writer/jeweler extraordinaire, is guest curating WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS: a wonderland of installation and unique works that transition from city scape to nature and worlds beyond.
Not only am I stoked to show in such a cool gallery, but I’m exhibiting with some of my very favorite artists and humans including Yevgeniya Mikhailik and Nancy Chiu. If you’re reading this, you are probably familiar with their work. If you’re not, go look right now! They are two of the most talented and beautiful women I have ever met. Prepare for mega art crush… Anyway. Here’s an interview I did with Chantal about the show. Come out on the 17th!
Messy studio shot of works in progress mentioned above.

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