Tuesday, July 3, 2012


BLACKED OUT: a one night only event featuring artwork inspired by Phantom Fuse, the newest generation of Hurley's 4-time SIMA Award-winning board shorts. Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, with a live performance from Wounded Lion. Over 40 amazing artists created work in the limited color palette of Hurley's newest super-scientific-fantastic board shorts: black + one color. Participating artists included Seonna Hong, Gary Baseman, Brandi Milne, Natalia Fabia, Vizie, Pose, Caroline Hwang, Nancy Chiu, Kelsey Short, Jason Maloney, Pixxelporn, Dalek, C.R. Stecyk III, Stink, Souther Salazar...(I'm getting tired. you get the idea.) Super secret confession: I work for Hurley and organized this event. How could I not sneak in a piece of my own? Here it is.
The Best of a Bad Situation, Acrylic on shaped masonite

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