Monday, March 18, 2013

What Happens in Cocoa Beach...

probably involves some leathery locals and amazing alligator souvenirs

I’m back home from 8 days in Cocoa Beach, Florida with a buncha cool new tanlines and some serious inspiration. I flew out to set up a Hurley art wall at the Ron Jon Beach and Boards Fest, (an amateur surf competition) and had the pleasure of painting with some truly incredible artists.

While I was there, I got to paint with Stink from Costa Mesa—who taught me about a million apps I need to get on my phone if I ever hope to keep up with the kids. (above: Stink/Jennie/Shaun collaboration inspired by aggressive wind at the beach)

Shaun Thurston from Jacksonville, FL (above: Shaun is crazy with a can…and I am regular with a brush. GO TEAM!)

and INOPE, based out of Savannah, GA, pictured below as the grand master of spray cans. Shaun and Inope were some of the fastest, bravest painters I have ever seen. It was a serious treat meeting them and working with them on this project!

I hope to find good and lucrative excuses to get both of them out to California to share their art!

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