Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Murals, Post-its, Anti-Canvas, Farewells

This probably should have been 4 separate posts. But it's the end of the year, everything is crazy, and there's no time. So you get ONE GIANT BLOG. Carl Sagan: eat your heart out (or turn over in your grave. Whatever.) Space Creeps and Tasty Treats, the mural I painted with JOSHR and Trace Mendoza, is finished. In fact, it’s been finished!! But we’ve been busy. So. This is the story.
We invited the lovable and talented Trace Mendoza to our office to discuss repainting the side of Wahoo’s Fish Taco on Bristol and Baker in Costa Mesa. We loaded up the van and blacked out a Jason Maloney/Bigfoot/Bwana Spoons mural to make way for our outer space adventure.
Friendly photographer Ricardo Apparicio stopped by and snapped those pretty photos of us working up there^^^. (See more of his work here) We will get a real fancy photo of the finished wall soon. Maybe. It’s really long.
I had the pleasure participating in and wrangling artists for the 2012 Anti Canvas Event in Hawaii. This is where rad artists put their work on board shorts and auction them off for a charity of their choosing. I chose Kokua Hawaii as my charity. If you're in Hawaii this weekend, go see it!
I'll be in the huuuuuuuge, super awesome, super communist Post-It Show 8 at Giant Robot. Opening Saturday, December 8, from 6-10, all pieces (over 2000 of them….) are on 3”x3” post-its, and they’re ALL $25. Even when they’re painted by Audrey Kawasaki and Souther Salazar. Don’t miss it. Unless you’re coming to see my band that night at the Prospector in Long Beach…. Last thing: 225 Forest is having their final art show this Thursday night. It has been a pleasure curating and hosting shows there this year. I'm grateful for the opportunity and am sad to see it close. If you're in Laguna, stop by! Back to work....

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