Monday, September 1, 2008

Nancy's traveling picnic

This is for Nancy, who is my lovely wife and best friend. She draws us as a little bird and a dinosaur, so this is a 3D incarnation of those characters. If anyone is a REAL photographer, I'd love to have a photo of this that looks less like crap. The box is meant to look like an old-fashioned suitcase or picnic basket, emphasizing the take-and-play fun of picnics. We also drink tea and coffee together all night to stay up at the studio and the idea of enjoying those beverages during day light hours and outside is hilariously foreign to us.
These photos are stinkers, so come see it in person at our show on the 14th!

The box is wood, and glass, wrapped in burlap and painted in acrylic with vinyl corners and furniture tacs. Inside is super sculpey! with felt and some old clothes, antique beads and poly fill.

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