Monday, August 6, 2007

I am no longer a ghost!

Sooo, I'm on the internet now, as an artist. This is it. I made this bunny diarama last year and it's my favorite piece to date. I made the box in woodshop and had the bunny leftover from some felt monsters I'd made people for Christmas. The banner and the skull are made of bakeable polymer clay. All the paint is acrylic.


Rick REese said...

best bunny diarama ever!

Robert Pokorny (RIP) said...

This rules! I can't wait to see more.

Adrien Rivera said...

Heya Jennie, im sad.. my monster has no playmate.. thats no metaphor by the way lol

Mom Cavs said...

Hi Jennie! Guess who this is? A voice from your past...I was just talking about you with the little sister of a high school friend you had to whom you made and gave a Barbie-type doll to of herself...that little sister is now a junior student in my art class here at NHS!!! Her name is Kathleen, and when she speaks she freaks me out...she sounds just like her older sister, your old friend! (NOBODY could have that unique beautiful voice YOU have!)Well, she told me of the doll you once gave her sister, and all these great memories of you flooded back and made me Google you to see if I could find you! And, I FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!! I AM HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Always in my heart,
Mrs. Cavanaugh